Concret Block Abdulnasser Gharem 4


Don’t trust the concrete!

The concrete wall block is actually made of rubber stamps;

The rubber stamp he uses countless times each day, day in day out, to validate the endless security documents, intelligence documents, government orders, and classified paperwork that pass through barriers.

There are many reasons not to trust concrete. Concrete and material things can not block ideologies.

Gharem’s calligraphic “concrete wall” reminds the viewer of the fact that no matter how much concrete is used, safety can only be partially achieved if the fundamental problems which lead to acts of violence remain. No place inhabited by human beings who go in and out will ever be completely sealed off and secured.

The barriers that are supposed to protect potential targets make these targets much more identifiable.

“This is the age of flowing, Ideas are flowing, Corporate capitals are flowing, Refugees are flowing and the news is flowing. no barriers can stop the influx"

Concrete Wall 001
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