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Saudi Arabia introduced the conocarpus erectus tree, native to Australia, for reasons of landscaping and to increase oxygen levels in their balanced equation seeing how it tolerates the saline water. But did it work? 

What we need to keep I mind is that nature is the one that set this balanced equation, and the intelligent elements are the work of nature itself. So the introduction of new elements is never beneficial. It might give the desired results but always fires back and disturbs the balance. 

The Salt cedar did in fact prevent corrosion but in turn killed and eliminated the cottonwood trees and the willow trees. Conocarpus erectus stayed green all year round and increased levels of oxygen in the atmosphere, but in turn killed all the surrounding plants and destroyed structures in pursuit of water. These trees in turn created an ecological threat to the balanced environment. The department of housing in King Fahad university of Petroleum and Minerals issued a statement of no responsibility of cornocarpus erectus planted in the campus due to the vast damage it causes.

The work provided was to show how introducing foreign elements into our ecosystem, although beneficial, is not vital to the cause. Using indigenous elements has the same effect and doesn’t in turn threaten the ecosystem.

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