Bending History

KATARA, Doha, Qatar

8 Mar to 8 Apr, 2012

EOA.Projects in partnership with Katara Gallery features twelve iconic works by four Saudi artists whose work expresses the hopes and fears of a new generation in an era of great transformation: Ahmed Mater, Abdulnasser Gharem, Saeed Salem, Sara Al-Abdali.

“It is often assumed the divisions in Saudi Arabia are religious or political, but they are really between the old and the new. Recently, people in Saudi have realised it’s time for the next generation to move up - to revisit our past, reclaim our future and bend history.” - Abdulnasser Gharem

The Artistic Director and Head Curator of Katara Art Center, Sidonio Costa said Edge of Arabia is a contemporary art movement and that ‘The works portray the voice of the new generation, expressing themselves through powerful art.’

Exhibited Artworks

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